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Selina Finance's marketing claims

The facts and figures supporting our marketing claims

As you navigate through our website, you will come across various statements regarding the benefits of using our service.

We take great care in ensuring that all claims we make have evidence to back them up as building trust with our customers is crucial to us.

For your ease of reference and transparency, we have outlined our marketing claims and the evidence that supports them below.

1. Home improvements are expected to continue throughout 2022 with more of us working from home

Source: Rated People, The UK home improvement boom: demand is up 50% into 2022

Accurate as of: 2022 

2. Get a quote in 2 minutes

The average time spent on our quote page until our customers click on “Get a quote” is 2 minutes and 16 seconds. Yes, it is that fast! 

Source: Selina Finance data

Accurate as of:  February 2023 

3. Home improvement projects often go over budget

Source: Together Money, Renovating vs. the cost of living: how to make it work.

Accurate as of:  December 2022

4. The Selina Home Improvement Line of Credit is secured on your property so you can access lower rates and higher credit limits than those offered with personal loans and credit cards

Our research has shown that the average rate for personal loans as of 01/02/2023 is 10.6%. The average rate for Selina Finance customers over the past 6 months is 6.51%. Accurate as of 02/02/2023.

Source: Bankrate, What’s the average personal loan interest rate?

Accurate as of: 02/02/2023

5. Save up to 40% or up to £1,995 on fees by coming directly to us

Source: Based on published data from second charge mortgage brokers.

Accurate as of: 22/06/2023

6. Customers are funded in as little as 2 business days after application submission

For example, one of our customers submitted their full application to us on 13/09/2023 at 11:37 and was funded on 14/09/2023 at 16:32. It took just 29 hours for us to underwrite and fund this application.

Accurate as of: 17/10/2023

7. 85% of our customer chose us due to the quality of our financial advice

Source: Customer survey conducted in September 2023.

Accurate as of: 24/09/2023

8. 1 in 4 customers chose us for our helpful staff and excellent service

Source: Customer survey conducted in September 2023.

Accurate as of: 24/09/2023

9. Half our customers are with us due to our process simplicity

Source: Customer survey conducted in September 2023.

Accurate as of: 24/09/2023

10. We are 66% faster to give you your funds than similar lenders

This is compared to similar lenders in the secured lending industry.

Source: Secured Loans Index

Accurate as of: 24/09/2023