Selina Finance announces its first credit facility worth £300k with Capitalise

2019 was a really busy year for us, so as we move into 2020, we thought we’d shed some light on an exciting case that we recently were able to finance in partnership with financial broker Capitalise.

Loan type: Business Credit Facility

Credit limit: £300,000

APR: 7.25%

About the client:

The recipient of the funds was a successful ground works and civil engineer company who was itself the client of a prominent accounting practice in Norfolk.

Finance need:

The funds were needed as part of a management buyout. The company director needed additional funds to buyout their retiring business partners in a deal worth around £3 million.

How Selina Finance helped:

Capitalise approached Selina Finance in early December about the possibility of helping their client. The client wanted a business loan within two weeks and so timing was incredibly important. In addition, the ability to repay the loan without incurring any additional fees was very appealing to the client, providing an extra bit of flexibility. Ultimately we managed to turn around an approval within 4 days with the client being issued with the credit facility of £300,000 within the 2 week timescale.

A big thank you to Mike for his support which was invaluable in achieving a fast turnaround, amongst a wider thank you to the Capitalise team for their professionalism from the outset.

Angus Simms, Senior Partnerships Manager, Selina Finance

We’re really pleased to have Selina Finance on the platform, and this facility shows why. They have a great product, and make sure to deliver with speed, flexibility and good rates. Angus did a great job from start to finish.

Michael Cass, Senior Partnerships Manager, Capitalise